• May 17, 2020, 6:13 p.m.

    Greetings IndieStack,

    Many of you have ecommerce stores using Shopify, with monthly plans ranging from $29-$300 per month not including fees on every sale. Now Shopify does provide amazing ecommerce templates and pretty much a fully-featured product. People with zero tech skills can get their ecommerce site up in a few hours and start selling. I feel this is a great solution for people who don't want to fuss around with the hassle of setting up servers, deploying Wordpress sites, or any of that.

    But in this thread I want to show you another option. This option is fully free to host and you only pay a fee when a user purchases (Snipcart/Stripe standard fee). Some technical expertise is required, but no coding experience is necessary. Most of it can be followed with a detailed guide. The ecommerce solution uses a technology called Gatsbyjs, which essentially allows your website to be static, meaning the whole website loads right to the customer's computer. Purchasing a product will interface with either Snipcart/Stripe and send you an email with the details. The static site is hosted using either Netlify or Vercal (formally Zeit) which is completely free for pretty much most use cases.

    If you're willing to spend a day setting up the ecommerce website (it's much quicker the second time around) it could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in Shopify hosting costs.

    Below are the store examples. As time goes on and developers creator more projects, the list will keep growing.

    What does everyone think? Viable or does Shopify beat this by a long shot? Does anyone have any other ecommerce platforms that are cheap or even free?

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    July 2, 2020, 12:06 p.m.

    @yarobagriy thank you for the resources. I'm looking to start an ecommerce store with as little monthly overhead as possible. For someone with dev skills this is a goldmine!